Malvertising, on my StackOverflow? It’s more likely than you think

Context / Link ads on StackOverflow

I’m pretty sure the capitalised, pop up generating links in the screenshot above aren’t covered in the StackExchange-backed AcceptableAds initiative.

Now, apart from snarky opening lines, I’m not blaming StackOverflow for this. After panicking that my newly flashed Nexus 5 was infected with some kind of malware, I fired up tPacketCapture to check what exactly was going on. Unfortunately, this uses the Android VPN API to capture traffic without root, and Android thinks it’s a good idea to send DNS over the unencrypted connection by default – so I couldn’t check for DNS poisoning or anything like that.

I’ve dropped the PCAP into Fiddler4 for ease of viewing. Can you see anything wrong here?

Dodgy traffic listing

As far as I can tell, a sketchy advertiser is on either ScorecardResearch or QuantServ. The wonderfully named hatredsmotorcyclist is serving some kind of obfuscated JavaScript related to DNSUnlocker which is a known malware provider, but not normally on Android. In a desktop browser, that javascript generates a whole lot of fake virus scanner popups which are sure to completely screw up your PC. I should probably run them in a VM at some point.

I can’t reproduce the link ads from the first screenshot, but I’ve posted a beautified version of the DNSUnlocker javascript as a Gist. I don’t recommend running it. I did – in the console of Chrome on GitHub, which means I’m partially protected by the Content Security Policies that GitHub sets.

You can see what the first script tried to load in the second file of that gist, but I’m sorry I couldn’t format it very well. You can see something called “re-markit” which I’m going to guess did the “marking” in the first screenshot.

Whether I was DNS poisoned or not I won’t know, but this is all the more reason to run an ad-blocker, and be very careful about what you let through – an ad network that’s benign today could be serving the latest 0-day tomorrow. I’m lucky that all I got was some crappy ads and a Play Store redirect.

A cleaned-up version of the Fiddler session archive is hosted here – malvertising.saz (sorry, I had to rename it for WordPress to allow the upload). I’d appreciate any help doing a more detailed analysis and reporting those strange domains to the registrars and the hosters. Oh, and if you see something like this on your Android, take a packet capture, then clear your browser cache. If you’re rooted, you may want to install AdBlock from the F-Droid store.

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5 thoughts on “Malvertising, on my StackOverflow? It’s more likely than you think

  1. Running into same issue on Windows 7. Panicked and ran all the virus and malware scanners I could find, only to eventually find this when Googling URLs that came up in the console. Thank goodness I did!

    I posted on Meta StackExchange [] and haven’t gotten back anything concrete. I linked back to you, though, so hopefully more people will be aware of this when trying to find a solution. As I said on their site, it only seems to be affecting sites on the StackExchange network.

      1. Eventually solved by flushing my DNS, clearing my hosts in Chrome, and clearing all cached files. The code was served by a tainted version of Google’s analytics.js.

  2. Hi Adam,

    None of these advertisers is the culprit.
    You wrote on HN you don’t see the ads on HTTPS. Chances are you are infected with ad injectors. You may have installed a new app recently, or some app you already have updated and now includes ad injection. So the problem is not on SO side.
    Try to check you proxy settings.

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