FreeNAS 9.3 on the SuperMicro 5028A-TN4 / A1SRi-2758F

Warning: work in progress article

If you have this board you probably have IPMI. Use the “Virtual Storage” option to mount the FreeNAS ISO:


You may have to screw around in the BIOS (actually UEFI, but they do a great job of emulating the terrible UX from 20 years ago) to get the “ATEN Virtual CDROM” to show up as a boot option. You may also be able to boot the installer from one of the rear USB ports but this was an exercise in frustration.

Once you get into the FreeNAS installer, drop to a shell and run

kldload xhci.ko

You should get output similar to what’s shown below.


Type exit to get back to the installer and continue onwards. When you hit install, you should get to choose your USB3 device – it’s probably right down the bottom so scroll down.


Here’s where is unfortunately wrong. I’m not sure whether adding

set kFreeBSD.xhci_load=YES

to GRUB’s options ever worked, but it certainly didn’t help me. So I tried something else.


At the FreeNAS/GRUB boot menu, hit ‘e’ to edit the FreeNAS entry, then add

kfreebsd_module_elf /ROOT/default/@/boot/kernel/xhci.ko

. At the moment I’m not sure whether position is important, but I added it after the line that loads ispfw.ko.

Unfortunately until we can get to grub.cfg or loader.conf we’ll have to re-enter that line every time we want to boot from USB3.

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