Enforce changing of passwords in a Debian preseed automated install

If you’re setting up an automated Debian install, your users and passwords will be set up something like

 passwd passwd/root-login boolean false
 passwd passwd/make-user boolean true
 passwd passwd/user-fullname string Adam Baxter
 passwd passwd/username string voltagex
 passwd passwd/user-password string changeme
 passwd passwd/user-password-again string changeme
#you can also use user-password-crypted and supply a hash of the password, 
#see this StackExchange question for details

in your preseed.cfg. This example would set up a user with a username of voltagex and a not-very-secure password of changeme, as well as sudo permission.

The trick with this is you can actually enforce password policies at the same time with a late-command that runs just before the system reboots:

preseed         preseed/late_command    string  in-target passwd --expire voltagex

This will set the password to “expired” and result in the following when the user first logs in:

A screenshot showing that the password for the new user has expired

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