Accidentally removing WiFi support from a Moto X Style


Oops. One should not drink and adb. This is the result of flashing a newer system image on a Motorola X Style (XT1572) without wiping the partition first. The system booted and appeared to have been upgraded from 6.0.0 to 6.0.1, but WiFi no longer functioned.

Digging a little further this appears to be some kind of mismatch between the WiFi driver and the firmware on the system partition. Oops again.


Luckily I was still able to back up my files to the SD card (tell your manufacturer you want expandable storage!) and reflashing a “stock” firmware image also restored my ability to use WiFi.

Stock is in quotes because annoyingly, Motorola don’t provide factory images for the Style, only the Pure – which in theory should work but I really don’t want to do something serious like mess up EFS or the radio firmware.

Therefore, I’ll have to hope that the firmware at is unmodified and genuine.

One more sidenote: Flashing a factory image and relocking the bootloader doesn’t remove the annoying “bootloader was unlocked” warning when turning on the phone.

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