TeamViewer “Commercial Use Detected”


(This post assumes you know about / use TeamViewer in a non-commercial setting)

So this seems to be going really “well” for TeamViewer, but it’s not a large enough section of the online community to cause a big backlash.


There’s a fair few people affected on the TeamViewer forums


..and after I filtered out the TeamViewer Dominatrixes (Dominatrixii?), there’s a fair few people affected on Twitter, too. I first became aware of this issue when someone I followed was locked out, then about a week later I was booted too.

None of the people on the forums or Twitter are going to get helped, either: TeamViewer Support insists you fill out the form at where you have to beg to be let back into the program you’ve been using to help Dad find out what features the latest OS X update removed from Finder this time. On top of that there seems to be quite a backlog, so there’ll be a delay before you’re attended to.

In all seriousness, I’ve probably been using TeamViewer without incident for about 5 years. This has made me look elsewhere, but the alternatives all suck! (Sorry NoMachine).

No other app seems to be:
* Cross platform
* Easily installed / run by people of all skill levels
* Bearable to use at > 300 ms latency
* Able to punch through NAT and firewalls, even falling back to posting JPGs over HTTP if needed (!)
* Able to find PCs on dynamic IPs, no matter where or how they’re connected (see previous point)

Yes, there’s RDP, but TeamViewer is faster. Yes there’s NoMachine NX but TeamViewer is better on Android and faster on Windows. Yes there’s LogMeIn but… no, just no.

WTF are you doing  TeamViewer – I would have probably paid if you’d offered something under $200 AUD as a once off – it’s saved me stepping through problems blind over the phone so many times. Why on earth would you risk all the goodwill you have?

Also, this raises some pretty big concerns – what’s the client scanning to decide whether use is “commercial”? What analysis is done? Who has access to that data?

Absolutely, TeamViewer should be paid when the application is being used in a commercial setting. There’s also no question this is the wrong way to go about collecting dues.


Abandon ship: I’ve moved to AnyDesk, and I suggest you do too. It doesn’t seem to handle connection dropouts as well as TeamViewer did, but it’s up and running without even installing and seems to be just as smooth if not smoother.



One thought on “TeamViewer “Commercial Use Detected”

  1. For me, AnyDesk is buggy as hell since the last release (slow, connection dropps and keyboard issues). I ended up paying for TV and so far it was well worth it.

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